Tattoo Studio – Pattos Keppos is a Tattoo Studio based in Wien with a main goal to make EVERY CUSTOMER satisfied and happy with their new tattoo!

In this Tattoo Studio, you will experience a new level of tattoo art! Nice surroundings, state of the art equipment, beautiful ambient, Tattoo artist that is always smiling and making the entire tattoo experience more pleasing will be something you will never forget.

We know you will come back to Tattoo Studio Pattos Keppos with a smile on your face, pride in your chest and satisfaction of wearing your NEW ART!



As we mentioned before, our main goal is to make EVERY CUSTOMER satisfied and happy with their new tattoo!

That’s why we are in constant process of perfecting every drop of ink and making every stroke perfect!

You can always check our Tattoo Gallery and see for yourself!


You are in luck!

Tattoo Artist Pattos Keppos is a designer by profession and a tattoo artist by calling!

Design is something you don’t have to worry about! Anything from brought to custom made design is a CAN DO here!

Let’s make your idea a skin reality!


LOVE is really important to us because of our Tattoo Family.

Everyone walking in Tattoo Studio Pattos Keppos is a new member of our family. Together, we are making new memories, new future, new friendships!

You can always expect surprises, discounts and gifts from us!

Coverup's and Scars


We all have been there, believe us! Maybe drink a bit more on a best night out and let our friend or someone unknown tattoo us… At the end, leaving us with a really cool and amazing story that we tell all our friends and not so cool artwork even though it looked ”cool” at that drunken moment!

Maybe the tattoo you own is just done a long time ago when different styles were popular and you just want to refresh it?

Don’t worry…

Tattoo-Studio-tattoo-ausbildung-wien-Pattos-Keppos-after211 AFTER
Tattoo Studio tattoo Narbe ausbildung wien BEFORE


Birth marks are something that bothers a lot of people. Sometimes we are left with not so pretty scars after a surgery. Unfortunately, we have to go to surgery when our ”machine” that we call body ”brakes down”, ultimately living us with scars that we don’t like and wish to cover up.

You are in luck when we talk about both cases!

In our Tattoo Studio Pattos Keppos, you can always get a helping hand or mind. You can always contact us, schedule consultations where we will together find a solution to your problem. Whether it is a Tattoo Cover-up or Scar cover up. We will find a design that will suit you if you already don’t have one, and we will bring a smile on your face!

Let’s stay in touch!

We love our family and our tattoo family is expanding every single day! So join our tattoo family and feel free to ask us anything.

Every question, suggestion or just saying Hi will GRANT YOU 5% OFF in our Tattoo Studio Pattos Keppos!

Contact us

We do appreciate our family and we are always happy to meet new people!

So feel free to send us a message!

Everything from tattoo appointments, tattoo ideas that will decorate your body in a perfect way, to helping you out with maybe solving an old tattoo or a scar cover-up

Wait! Did we mention that every contact you achieve with us (over email) is automatically granting you 5% discount? How could we only forget to tell you that 🙂

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Feel free to stop by the Tattoo Studio!

Based in Wien Austria, we love meeting new people and expanding our family wile having a cup of coffee with you and discussing new artwork you have in mind! We will figure something out if you don’t like coffee.

Just don’t forget to contact us and schedule your visit, we don’t want to miss you!

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The number one destination for unique tattoos with the highest quality that you will be satisfied with for the rest of your life. In our tattoo studio in Vienna you will feel like at home. You will be surrounded by a beautiful ambience. The most modern equipment will make tattooing more pleasant.

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